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Scalp Massage Brush

Scalp Massage Brush

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Scalp massage brushes are amazing for hair and scalp health. Our scalp massage brush features an ergonomic handle and silicone bristles to offer a better grip and are more sensitive on the scalp. These brushes can be used both wet and dry!


◽ Stimulate blood flow to the scalp = promoting healthy hair growth

◽ Gentle detangling = reducing unnecessary hair loss

◽ Scalp exfoliation = removing dandruff and other impurities


Directions for use:

Scalp Cleansing/Shampooing

◽ Wet hair thoroughly with water

◽ Apply shampoo to hair 

◽ Using the brush in gentle circular motions, massage shampoo into scalp until it lathers for up to 5 minutes

◽ Rinse and follow normal hair washing routine 


Hair Conditioning/Hair Mask Application

◽ Wet hair thoroughly with water

◽ Apply conditioner or hair mask product to tresses

◽ Use the brush to evenly spread and coat hair strands 

◽ Rinse and follow normal hair washing routine 


How to use

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